Kongstinden | Lofoten

Svolvaer, Norway
10 km
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Wonderfull hike to the top of Kongstinden and back.

Climb one of the most prominent mountains visible from the centre of Svolvær. The hike is a bit longer and steeper than Tjeldbergtinden. However, as a result, less people attempt this summit. When the weather allows it, a jump in Litl Kongsvatnet is the cherry on the cake.

Starting from the city centre of Svolvær, hike towards to E10 and go over the bridge. From here, follow the lake’s shore. After a second (small) bridge take the very small path in between the boulders. The path gradually gets more steep. In the end, on the col after Lille Kongstinden, it is quite narrow and there is vertical drop on both sides. You’ll be rewarded with an amazing view, not only towards the city but also on the opposite direction.

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