Kvalika Beach and Ryten Summit | Lofoten

Fredvang, Norway
10 km
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Wonderfull hike from the car park in Fredvang to Kvalvika beach, up to the summit of Ryten and back.

The hike starts at the (small) car park near Fredvang. You start with a gentle ascent through a field. The trail gradually steepends towards the ridgle. Thereafter, you descend towards Kvalvika beach. It’s possible to spend the night here. After visiting the beach and a well deserved rest, a strenuous and long ascent towards Ryten awaits. The views are incredible all the way throughout the ascent though. It’s possible to leave your backpack for the final part towards the famous viewpoint and the summit. You descends via the path that most people use to ascend Ryten. Circle behind a mountain via a small lake and back to the car park.

Prepare for a full day (or two) in the mountains and make sure to check the weather before leaving.

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